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Mini VoIP Server / Asterisk PBX Appliance

Mini VoIP Server / Asterisk PBX Appliance


Fully Featured Micro Business PBX

Bring your office up to date with the latest and greatest asterisk VoIP telephone system. An amazing array of features to suit most uses. Ideal for replacing ageing phone systems or for new businesses. Easy to use and scalable. Fully fledged Debian system and NOT just a cheap cut-down appliance that you will see elsewhere.


Drag and drop live call control from any PC/Mac/phone or tablet.



  • Asterisk + FreePBX appliance (based on Elastix)
  • Now with Elastix 2.4.1, Asterisk 11
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Includes fail2ban security - fully protected against brute-force VoIP or login attacks
  • Full British English voice prompts (Other languages available)
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Unlimited voicemal and voicemail to email
  • Supports fax to email
  • Allows to to make cheap phone calls
  • Add an unlimited amount of existing phone numbers (even your current ones)
  • Complete with UK power adaptor
  • ARM 900Mhz, 512MB RAM, 8GB micro SD, 4 USB slots
  • Power consumption negligible!
  • rugged design
  • fully preconfigured for out-of box use - all configuration from easy web interface
  • full featured drag and drop client control interface (for PC/Mac/Linux)
  • does screen pop, click to dial and callerID from your existing apps/CRM
  • can be configured to your requirements before we ship
  • no extension or line limits
  • easy web-based management with FreePBX
  • reporting, call logging & recording
  • IVR, ring groups, queues, on hold, voicemail, blacklist etc.
  • SIP/IAX trunk & phone compatible
  • supports g711, g729, g722 (HD), speex, speex HD, ilbc, gsm
  • 100Mbit network interface
  • silent operation
  • 1 year hardware warranty
  • free software SIP clients for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Blackberry & Iphone included
  • cluster, failover and multi-site capable
  • inter-site and VoIP to VoIP calls free
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